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Take the Guess Work Out

We want to help take the guess work out of finding Albion’s organic mineral amino acid chelates within the multitude of consumer brands available.

Some of our customers are Gold Medallion customers because they offer the entire range of Albion Chelated minerals and are licensed to use the Albion Gold Medallion symbol on their label. When you see the Gold Medallion on the label, you can be assured that the manufacturer is using the highest quality mineral available on the market in their formulations.

Other companies have formulas or single mineral products that carry some of the Albion chelated minerals. They will always mention the Albion name, Albion mineral product name, or Albion patent numbers.

Gold Medallion Customers are listed below:

US Consumer Brands (Also found in some international markets)



International Consumer Brands



Healthcare Industry Brands

   Med Pharma.