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Essential Minerals for Immune Support

The Crucial Role of Zinc and Your Immune Health

While there are many nutrients involved in making sure your immune system functions properly, zinc continues to be one of the most sought-after essential minerals for supporting overall health. At Balchem, we continue to research zinc's supportive impact on our body's and the many roles it plays. Here are three ways zinc can better your health.

T-Cell Development

A T-cell or T-lymphocyte, is a type of white blood cell that plays a vital role in how the immune system responds to specific bacteria or viruses. T-cells develop in the thymus gland, a specialized lymphoid organ located behind your breastplate, which produces thymulin. Thymulin helps to promotes T-cell function1. One recent study demonstrated that zinc deficiency impacted the production of thymulin2, therefore, negatively impacting the production of T-cells and its ability to ward off infected cells.

Proper B-Cell Function

B-cells are the second type of lymphocytes (T-cells being the first) and are part of the humoral immune system. B-cells are responsible for producing antibodies that are directed at specific invaders outside the cells. One study suggested that having acute zinc deficiency could cause an overall reduction in B-cell numbers2 and increase B-cell death3. Ensuring adequate zinc levels may help B-cell activity and function.

Protects Against Oxidative Stress

Zinc has also shown to be essential when dealing with oxidative stress, as it is a co-factor in breaking down potentially harmful oxygen molecules. This allows the body to better eliminate those unsafe radicals through other bodily systems4.

It is nearly impossible to know when our bodies are going to be challenged, so it is in our best interest to arm our immune system with clinically validated essential minerals to help our bodies function optimally.