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Albion Knowledge Base

Albion is committed to sharing the knowledge we have gained over 55 years of research and innovation in the field of mineral nutrition.  We believe that an informed consumer is better able to make wise purchasing choices.

The knowledge presented here (topics listed in the right column) covers various topics on mineral nutrition at different levels of understanding. These presentations begin with the basics of why mineral nutrition is so important and then progress to scientific details of the molecular structure of the organic minerals called chelates.

It is important to note that our purpose here is to inform. We rely on our loyal customers to submit questions to our Q&A section so that we can more adequately present relevant information. We encourage you to submit your questions, comments, or suggestions using the “contact us” tab at the top of the page.

Thank you for your search for knowledge and your participation.

  • Vitamins, Minerals, Chelates: What's the Difference?
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  • Why Chelated
    Minerals are
    Not Created Equal
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  • Chelation Therapy
    -- Not the same as
    chelated minerals
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  • Albion -
    Your Research Assistant
    on Mineral Nutrition
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  • RDI =
    Dietary Intake
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